How to hide port number

Hi guys, here is a question. I have a Linux Ubuntu setup with Virtualmin 4.00 GPL and also have a music server running on port 4040 (subsonic) so the URL looks like this: here come my question. Is there a way to hide the port number or to change it so (for example) looks like this: so like music or what ever instead of the port number.

Thx guys for all the hell in my previews questions.

Probably not, but …

What protocol do the accessing clients use?

i.e. http, ftp, rstp, … ?

It uses http

Should work.

Thx miner for the info, I have not try this but I will as soon as i get a chance.

If redirect does not work, you can use Reverse Proxy in Apache. That’s what I did for a radio on my system some time ago, which I wanted to run on port 80, which was already taken by Apache. :slight_smile: