how to give virtual server owner access to postfix bounce list

I have a newly hosted domain that is set up specifically to host lists. Checking today under Server status | System Info | Postfix | Mail Queue there are 25 bounce notices, mostly related to a few users on a specific list. I’ve gone in to system administration and checked Server Owner Limits to see if I can enable the site manager to get access to this list. If so, I can’t figure it out. Anyone know how (or if) this can be done?



There’s unfortunately no way to do that from within Virtualmin. The “Postfix” module is an admin-level module which isn’t visible to Virtual Server owners.

They could, however, use the command line program “mailq” to see a list of what is currently in the queue.

They could run that within Virtualmin by browsing to Webmin -> Others -> Command Shell.

Or, they could also login via SSH and type “mailq”.


I’ll get them using ssh