How to get SSL working for Usermin?

I looked for the solution but cannot find one, I did come across someone else asking the same thing but it went unanswered.

How do I get Usermin working with a SSL cert? I have this setup with Webmin but cant for the life of me figure out how to get it working for Usermin. BTW I do NOT have VirtualMin installed, the last time I had it installed it blew up my site.

You say you have a cert working for Webmin? Is your Usermin accessed via the same FQDN as Webmin?

ie. and

If so, assuming you are using LE, you can either add


to /etc/usermin/miniserv.conf, or symlink the webmin cert/key/ca files into /etc/usermin and configure Usermin appropriately.

That worked. Thank you!

when you say Virtualmin “blew up your site”, im a little curious…

when you installed virtualmin, did you move your site into the correct directory?

I make the assumption that one way installing virtualmin could break your website is if you are using the default apache web directory for your current website…which i am thinking is something like /var/www/html/… . If you then added a new virtual server called yourdomain, things would quickly go pear-shaped because virtualmin would tell apache “yourdomain” website is now found in /home/virtualserver_name/public_html (of course the website is still in the default apache location of /var/www/html/…

So I imagine would need to either

  1. change your document root after installing virtualmin (to /var/…) or
  2. move the website over to /home/… (which would require any links to images etc inside the website to also be changed to /home/…)