How to get FastCGI to show script being executed like SuPHP does?

While I like FastCGI and it appears it is the way to go SuPHP provided me detail on to what php script was being executed.

I am looking for a way to get FCGId to show which php script is being executed like SuPHP does when the process is running. It is very handy with cPanel to glance at ps output and find which script is abusing resources. Is there a way to have FastCGI do this?

For instance SuPHP will show:

/usr/bin/php /home/linverts/public_html/administrator/index.php

While FastCGI will show:


Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

No one? I really need to get this working or will have to resort back to SuPHP.


The script name isn’t passed in as a parameter, so it wouldn’t show up in the “ps” output.

That is all handled by environment variables.

To see about usage/abuse using FCGID or CGI, what you could do is use ps to determine the owner of the running PHP processes, then look at the logs for that domain to see what URL is being accessed.


I would prefer to be able to see the script name in the ps output as CSF Firewall sends notices via LFD that show the PS output when a script or user is abusing resources. It’s a quick easy way to determine via e-mail rather the script is legitimately using too much resources or if someone is trying to hack their site, etc.