How to get all domain-alias by command 'list_domains' ??

Hey experts,

In a script sh I would like to get all domains alias servers for a specific domain name… I’ve tried this without success :

virtualmin list-domains --alias --domain

I’ve got an empty table like that :

Domain Username Description

Can someone help me ? THANKS!!!

anybody to help me ? my question isn’t clear enough ? #sorry for my limited english…


I’m actually not quite sure – you did it the same way I would have.

I asked Jamie for some further input, hopefully he’ll know how to do that :slight_smile:


Unfortunately there is no way to do this - the --alias flag limits the output to alias domains, but will show ALL of them. I will add an option for this in the next release though.

Thanks for your answer. Awaiting the nee release so :wink:

For your information : I’d like to iterate over all domains, then on each alias to run specific command on my Drupal sites. To order to schedule maintenance operations via SH script.

Thanks Jamie.

I will add an option for this in the next release though.
Hi Jamie,
do you have any release date in mind ?
Currently my system is on 1.750, I think it the latest release so far.
thanks for your update.


Look for that feature in the next Virtualmin release… the last release was 4.17, which was released in early May. The feature Jamie is referring to would be in the next release, which should be coming out in the next few weeks.



I’ve got the 4.18 version, but this command do not seems to work better :

virtualmin list-domains --alias --domain

Could you help ? :wink:

any help? :frowning:

You need to use something like virtualmin list-domains --alias