How to fix "PYZOR_CHECK" Email error when trying email server?

| OS type and version | Ubuntu 20.04 LTS |
| Virtualmin version | 7.7-3 |


I’m trying testing my new Email Server by sinding email test using website.

But, I gor this “PYZOR_CHECK” follwing error:

So, how to fix that error ???
Help me please.

I think its a spamassassin test to check if the email is spam. It maybe the content of the email you sent.
Not real sure how they test.
its not a error but a rating on your email
the score of -1.9 won’t make your email spam and combining with other spamassassin scores it might.
mail servers by default will move your email into the spam folder at -5

Use mxtoolbox and and test your domain

check your email, second link is to email health.

it will point out issues.
what score did you get, I used it and got 10/10

Thanks very much

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