How to fix "DNS-based validation failed when Let's Encrypt SSL trying to renew"?

| OS type and version | Ubuntu 20.0.4 |
| Virtualmin version | 7.9.0 |


How to fix that error that returns when Let’s Encrypt SSL is trying to renew SSL Certificat:

Please help me to fix that DNS-based validation failed to renew Let’s Encrypt SSL successfully.


Since you are not hosting your own DNS, you cannot use DNS based validation.
You have to make sure the web based validation is working properly.

Thanks for your answer. By, I wondered by doing what exactly ??? Because SSL was working until it is expires now.

I think that, because you have ‘Also request wildcard certificate?’ ticked that the renewal has to use DNS validation. If you untick that then hopefully LE will successfully use web-based validation.

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