How to enable change password for RoundCube users on Ubuntu 12.04 & VirtualMin panel?

Hi all,

I’ve searched on Google, but the document has not solved this problem. Who changed it please guide me. Thanks!

RoundCube normally uses IMAP authentication, which means its users are the server’s Linux system users. You can change their password through the usual means (passwd in a shell, or via Virtualmin’s Edit Users, etc). Does that maybe answer your question?

I have many employees. I can not manage passwords for all employees. I want to allow them to change their password directly in RoundCube.

Ooh, I’m sorry, I overlooked the “enable” and misunderstood. I figured you wanted to change their password yourself.

Okay, hmm I don’t know if Roundcube can do that, but you could always have them log in to Usermin, which does have a password changing module.

You might need to enable that module in Webmin -> Usermin Configuration -> Available Modules.

You would need the roundcube plugin (that’s how I got it to work)