How to edit databases

Hi, on cPanel I worked with phpmyadmin a lot… as far as I have seen its not included in VM… I think i could install it, saw that somewhere…
I have a database I need to edit on a sub-domain/server

Does VM suggest another way to edit DBs?

What would be the best - and non-cli - way?

Thank you


Operating system: Centos
OS version: 7.8


Aside from phpMyAdmin that can be easily installed from Virtualmin > domain > Install Scripts page, it’s possible to edit databases using Webmin > Servers > MySQL Database Server module.

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sorry, had a f2ban issue I needed to solve first.

I am wondering if there is any risk to ie. existing ie. Wordpress if i install phpmyadmin from script?
And this is per server, correct?

Lastly: Can I also access with that sub-server DBs?

Thank you so much

Yes, per server and there is no risk for your current WordPress site.

Lastly: Can I also access with that sub-server DBs?

As long as you can login with phpMyAdmin, and the same user has permissions to the databases, then yes, you can.

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Great support