How to download latest Virtualmin Framed Theme?

Not sure if this should be in the Webmin category or here …

in looking at Index of /vm/6/gpl/universal at I find v9.4-1 of this theme called


(which is what I am running today). But GitHub - virtualmin/virtual-server-theme: Virtualmin Framed Theme says its up to 9.8 now. On that page on the Releases area it says in part … Sept 2020 – v9.5 –


Initial release on a separate repo

I think that means I am two years and 4 minor releases behind :slight_smile:

I have toyed with the Authentic Theme a little, perhaps I just need to spend more time with it, but I feel so comfortable with the Framed Theme.

Advice anyone on how to upgrade to v9.8 (the cleanest way and/or the approved way)?