How to Donate to Virtualmin?

There was mention, as part of the recent accounting system upgrade, to provide a way to donate to Virtualmin. I believe this was going to be a standalone donate link and/or as part of the process of downloading VirtualminGPL.

Is this still on the cards, is there a donate link that I can use?


I’ve also been waiting for the ‘Donate’ button to appear. It’s rumoured that the river of gold that’s already flowing to the Virtualmin boys is distracting them from coding… perhaps any extra income could bring things to a standstill altogether!
Seriously, a ‘donate’ button surely couldn’t do any harm. If not in Virtualmin itself, then maybe on the website?

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Still in the cards. Haven’t implemented it yet. But, I’ll try to do something about it soon.

And, I really appreciate that folks are ready and willing to donate to support development!


What would be difference between buying a license (and not using it if you don’t have need for it) and donation? :slight_smile: I’d say it’s pretty much same thing.

Of course license is recurring (can be cancelled) and donation is as you please sort of.

I’d like also to se donate button for this project as it for sure wouldn’t do any harm.

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If you really want your contribution to move the needle, just purchase a license. Here’s why:

  • Joe and Ilia already have the “machinery” in place to process a license. You put in your credit card, the license goes out: hardly any work on their part.
  • It’s a pain in the patootie to handle donations. They still need to do all the record-keeping, and send a “thank you” note, but…
  • Small donations are the least efficient. Processing a $10 donation requires the same amount of work as a $75 ten-domain Pro license or a $200/year unlimited license

So if Virtualmin saves you time with doing your real work (you know it does…), and you want them to spend time making the software better, just buy a license. Thanks for listening.


I personnally only buy license if it fits for more then 90 %
For us this isn’t.

But that is US not using as much default stuff as should to get for example support …

Testing things i don’t buy license only if it is testing APP / software that does the testing … for…

Also never never use anywhere credit cards or paypal and that kind of sh…
HIHI smartphone’s only for basic phonecalls, and testing websites via own local ( ip and device mac addr secured) WIFI lan, so real … “account” stuff on those to

So therefore i don’t have to look much into security problem with those… what you don’t use and don’t install can’t be insecure, yup if installed / have active then you need ofcourse…
That is me. IS not needed then… if wanted for fun i can…

Still Virtualmin Webmin is NICE and i think for many Users it fits, for hosting other Custommers on Virtualmin BOX you should be able to do a lot of stuff so knowledge needed, and then yes you also have Support from Virtualmin Team

IF not that experienced server admin , then don’t use it for other Custommers from yourself doing their hostingpart, better no CP att all but only managed things then! :wink:

I have done some testing on openstack , you have then to take care of networking while is kind of local lan…

DONATION is a good idea ofcourse, then you can decide yourself how much, how often, if times are good then…

Open Collective might be a good fit for this perhaps?

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Because it’s a recurring item and changes your setup. No, it won’t change your settings, but you just want to send somebody a 5 dollar or 10 dollar “thank you” donation and you have to sign up for a license and then worry about cancelling it and dealing with the plethora of issues they’ve had over licensing and cancelling that has been well documented on this site?

No thank you.

No, it isn’t. You can set up a simple PayPal email for donations. It cost you nothing. The cost is taken from the donations you get. It’s literally free money with no work required on your part other than signing up for PayPal. It could be implemented in 15 minutes.

Really? Odd. I figured free money that costs you nothing was free money that costs you nothing. Guess I’m just stupid that way.

In that case, if anybody wants to send me 5 or 10 bucks for any reason at all, let me know and I’ll have a link up in 15 minutes.

I was considering donating as well and stumbled on this after a Google search. It would be a bit more expensive to get VMin Pro when compared to other competitors, but given the number of servers I run it on, I’d be happy to offer a recurring donation to the project.

Two minutes to get a link and the money goes straight to whatever Joe wants it to go to. It can be a straight donation link in which case all monies are donations so nothing to process. Just do it so we can donate. A donation link has to be the easiest part of Virtualmin ever.

maybe on frontpage button, …
willing to donate monthlay small amount

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I’m going to put a spanner in the works here, I do not believe any time should be wasted on a donate button as it will not make any material difference to the cash flow of the Dev team. I read the post from Joe earlier this year saying there was going to be a increase in the pro licence fee.

So my view and everyone can take it or leave it, is the pro fee should stay the same. This is for 2 reasons, first is there just is no longer a large enough difference to justify paying the pro fee and increasing the fee makes it even less so and will more then likely lead to a reduction of money as some downgrade to the GPL. Second is I would guess over 90% of support cases here are from non paying installations of GPL.

So given a business is here to make money and a non paying customer is not a real customer, The Dev team should put a fee on ALL installs on VM including the gpl version. The fee Ill leave up to them but even a token amount of $10 a year will make more difference to the bottom line here and allow them to spend real time improving the software. $10 x 200000 gpl installs is more then $50 x 5000 pro installs (Devs insert real numbers here)

Trying to get an additional $50 out of pro users is not going to get this moving forward. And here is the clincher If 50% or even 90% of the GPL users find this unfair then they can move elsewhere for free and all that happens is the DEVs save their unpaid time here fixing issues that they are not getting paid for anyway.

As hard as this sounds, I can not see any other way.


I have donated before, and intend to donate again. In fact, I hereby commit to making a donation once the new button is up, which will more than cover the time. Thus, the cost / benefit of adding a donate button is solved.



That’s a good idea @marclaporte and an excellent initiative worth emulating.

I too pledge to donate once the new button is up.

If you really want your contribution to move the needle, just purchase a license.

I don’t think that is a donation, that’s a purchase. Purchases come with obligations. I want to give without obligations. Therefore, I suggest a go-fund me page to research ways to donate here, as a project, with a goal of establishing a “donate button” by the end of 2023. I’ll donate to the button project. :grinning:

My problem is with the licensing scheme. When managing a certain number of servers, it becomes complicated to decide what license level to take, because I’m moving virtualhosts quite a lot, renting new server that start with a few domains only, … etc … What I would like is for example a per virtualhost/year fee (for example 1$/vh/year) independently from the number of servers so I do not have to decide what license to take, not having to change license each time I reach a limit, not having a 100vh license because this server reached 51vh … Servers would be registered with Virtualmin and would report the average number of virtualhost on a monthly basis thus generating an invoice at the end of the year (in 2021 we got an average of 268 virtualhosts on your servers, your invoice is $268). Maybe add a $20/server/year fee, if I use 10 servers for my 268vh my invoice would be $468 … And that would be very easy to add to the final client invoice …

So yes a donate button might be a solution :slight_smile:

Excellent idea. So, we have a group now and will move forward to table a motion to investigate the viability of a go-fund me project to create a donation button for Virtualmin. Once the board has assembled the top 10 concepts for the button we will proceed to initiate a bidding template for the eventual project bidding process and advertisement. A white paper may be an interim step to fully map out the strategy and concept.

It sounds like we are well on the way to having a way to donate that first dollar. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Following up on my recent Webmin perfect update along with the years of terrific service and updates: I am willing to donate to a team who will be commissioned to search for a way to donate here. The button seems to be a very difficult obstacle to implement for the team. I suggest we look for the really difficult options then fall back to the simple paypal button after exhausting all other avenues. I suggest examining the feasability of mailing in a check, sending euros by wire, bitcoin, Starbucks Latte cards…any other ways to lighten our wallets for a good cause? Because that’s the only way this topic dies. :grinning:

Ease our consciences. Paste a button. It is free. Donations are free on Paypal to receive. Paypal works worldwide.

@ all - paypal donation for virtualmin can be send to

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I agree with your question. if you want to contribute then you must purchase the license.