how to create mail user horde mysql virminpro?or?

i have done install horde use script in virtualmin pro, but i don’t know how to create user use horde with mysql database, any body have idea??? same with squirrelmail. when i login horde use my administrator user, and click user menu, it say “Your authentication backend does not support adding users. If you wish to use Horde to administer user accounts, you must use a different authentication backend”. when i click setup menu and it say “You need the domxml or dom PHP extension to use the configuration tool”.

ok, i have done everything like You need the domxml or dom PHP extension… Now i want create user for mysql database and use for login database. How?

What operating system are you using?

Ok, I am interested in finding this out as well. I was under the impression that when you create a new email user under a virtual server that that actual user would be able to login to horde through www.domainname.domain/horde and check their email. Looks like they only way to check email is through the pop/imap of an email client but Horde is not actually getting of the emails. Any ideas?

I think I should make my self clear just in case. I created users just through the “Edit Email and FTP Users” link. Once I create them and login, I don’t see any email although I have sent various test emails to this new account. The only place I see them email is if I click on the actual username I create in “Edit Email and FTP Users” and then click on their email directory path. From there I can read the emails and even send. Why won’t horde display these messages?