How to create Hosting account with a permanent Ad space at the top.

I’m just curious, for potential future implementation how someone could create a plan/package that when used would show the domain owners content in an iframe with whatever content I wanted at the top (say an advertisement, or a link for “free” hosting)

What would I have to do to implement that?

Looking around the web, I see other people have accomplished this using an Apache module called mod_layout, however most of the download links people reference are dead. If you can get that going, it would seem like your best option, as you could integrate the mod_layout directives into a Virtualmin template.

If you can’t get that module working, the only other solution I can think of off the top of my head is running all web content through some sort of frontend proxy. Apache could serve user’s pages on an internal port (only accessible from the server’s local network), and the proxy server could modify those pages, add any ad code, place the original page in an iframe and then send it to the visitor’s web browser.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide any more information on either solution, but hopefully that will get you started.

Thanks Jscholes, has a good start for information for anyone else willing to tackle this. I’m pretty sure I found what I need to get started.