how to create an FTP user with an absolute URL?

When creating an FTP user, and trying to grant him access to an absolute address, the following message appears:
Failed to save mailbox : User’s home directory is relative to the domain, and so must not start with a /

It’s too bad that there’s no way of creating an FTP-only user, and granting this user access to any desired directory, regardless of any domain.

Is there a way of creating an FTP user with an absolute path from within the interface? Even the Webmin Interface doesn’t seem to have such an option.

I would like to keep things tidy, and not to have ‘hidden’ users that I’ve added manually.


I also don’t think there is an option in Virtualmin to set a user’s directory to an absolute path. It’s not intended to do that - VMin server users are server users, supposed to edit webpage files and not stuff outside their homes.

If you need users with access to other directories, you might want to use the Webmin ProFTPD module directly. Though, generally, FTP users in ProFTPD are Linux users and have their according rights. Also, ProFTPD is not really nice to configure if you think about setting up “virtual users” with “virtual filesystems”. I’m used to more comfortable things under Windows there too.

Thank you Locutus!

Eventually, I just added a user from ‘Webmin > System > Users and groups’, and made sure that:

a. The home directory is the directory I want this user to access.

b. The user belongs to a group that actually has access to that location :slight_smile:

This option, that was available for me from DirectAdmin, is something I miss in Virtualmin.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I looked around some more, and it is indeed possible to restrict all users of one virtual server to a specific directory, using the Limits and Validation -> FTP Directory Restrictions function. But, as I said, that applies to all users of a server. That function is realized through the DefaultRoot directive of ProFTPD which can apply to specific Linux groups (all users of one virtual server are assigned to a specific group).