How to create Addon Domains (like cpanel): (owned by account

OS type and version CentOS latest
Webmin version latest (GPL)
Virtualmin version latest (GPL)

How to create an Addon Domain?
This is where the domain is owned by the account of the first domain.
FORMAT: (owned by in same account as it)

I am not looking to create a new virtual server but rather I want to create a second or third domain under the same account as the main domain.

I know that Virtualmin calls things differently so please just tell me how to create the above.

So I might have:

Account 1: domain(.)com
Addon domains:

Account 2: other(.)com
Addon domains:

(note: this post didn’t allow more “links” so I had to change the dot com to (.)com above)

Thank you.


The ability for a user to “own” multiple domains under a “single” account is referred to as a “reseller” in Virtualmin and requires the Pro version. Basically a reseller has the ability to manage multiple domains, which are otherwise created the same way in GPL just the “reseller” option requires Pro.

That is not accurate!

Sub-servers are virtual servers (“domains”) that are owned by an existing virtual server (“domain”).

A sub-server is roughly the analog of “add-on domains” and “sub-domains” in cPanel. A sub-server is a domain that is owned by an existing top-level domain. So, click “Create Virtual Server” and choose “Sub-server” in the top list of types.


I suppose the way I was thinking about it, a “sub-server” shares the credentials with the “top-level” server, whereas a “reseller” can create “multiple” top-level servers which have unique credentials, whereas the reseller themselves have a unique set of credentials…

So yeah, I suppose it’s all about “perspective”.

Add-on domains in cPanel are owned by the same user as the domain they are “adding on” to. They are not akin to resellers in Virtualmin.


Good to know, never every invested (or IMHO wasted money) on cPanel… Heh

Learn something new everyday :disguised_face:

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