How to create a user that has access only to one domain in the vps server?

Hi, I am trying to create a user under a domain that has access only to that virtual server.
These are the steps I followed,

  1. Under the VirtualMin Tab for the corresponding server, Clicked Edit Users.
  2. Add User to this server.
  3. Entered an emailaddress as
  4. Home Directory set to automatic
  5. Login Permissions set to Email and FTP
  6. DAV login enabled
  7. Allow Access to web directories.,
    clicked the home/domain1/awstats, bcoz that’s the only one option available so that it moves on to the Allowed directories from All directories.
  8. Clicked Create,
  9. Have set the webmin as enabled in edit virtualserver option.
    Now unable to login.
    Questions. do I remove the limit of unauthorized login??.
    2.what is the username?, is it simply testuser?. or
  10. Why can’t it be so easy???

You have to create a Virtual Server to have your default user for one domain…you will login through port 10000. Your login will be just the user not in the form of your email. Any users created by the system won’t not login.

How to create a user that has access only to one domain in the vps server – why can’t it be so easy?

Like mentioned already - all you need to do is to create a virtual server, and Virtualmin will handle the rest.

Now unable to login.

All you need in this case, is just to try one more time (if you try immediately after creating virtual server) or forcefully restart Webmin by running:


How do I remove the limit of unauthorized login??

It’s configurable on Webmin/Webmin Configuration/Authentication page:

What is the username? Is it simply testuser or ?

For logging in to Webmin/Virtualmin (on port 10000) - it’s testuser by default. You can see it on Virtualmin/Edit Users page:

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