How to connect to remote Virtualmin wordpress database using mysql ODBC

Hi guys,
I am trying to create a remote mysql odbc connection using my Windows 10 desktop PC to a wordpress database on my Virtualmin VPS that is in a datacenter in another city.

My intention is to use this connection to synchronise a list of wordpress users for this particular website with a microsoft excel (office 365 family edition) spreadsheet.

I have:

  1. installed the mysql ODBC 64 bit driver for windows
  2. copied the username and password for mysql database in virtualmin (also checking in the wp.config file itself that i am using the correct ones)
  3. open port 3306 on my vultr firewall restricted to just my home/office static ipaddress

but i am getting an error in windows trying to connect. (see images below). Can any one see what im doing wrong?

Is it the existing wordpress user I am attempting to use that is the issue? (ie does this user only work for local connections to the mysql database and not remote connections?)

MySQL is probably not configured to listen on public interfaces. Check my.cnf. It’s probably only listening on localhost.

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