how to configure Virtualmin behind NAT

Hi friends ;

I m sorry but I should open same issue again , I need your helps immedeatly

I’ve installed CentOS 5.5 and virtualmin GPL.This server is behind NAT…Server’s non-official IP address is “” and my adsl modem official IP address is “88…***” . And I ve a registered domain name also…For example I changed my domain settings on just like that ; Name Server settings are , and their IP addresses are my adsl modem official IP address…

after that , I ve set my CentOS hostname is nx1. FQDN is

Do you help me about how to start to set my virtualmin clearly step by step…I think, first of all I have to set my…after that I want to host my friend’s domain name here…

so what about virtual server IP addresses ? right now I ve two domain in virtualmin and they work clearly without virtual IP addresses for each virtual server… Do I need use virtual IP address for each virtual servers ? I think it will be a problem while NAT…because the Adsl router cannot perform to send http or https request to virtual servers beacuse of one IP address can be set at the same time on the router…
my NAT settings at the moment :

Internal IP (virtualmin_eth0) : Internal port : 80 or 443 External IP : 88.x.x.x
External port : 80 or 443

I would want to have virtual Ip address for each virtual servers ;

eth0:1 =

eth0:2 =

acccorging to these settings , how to perform virtualmin network configuration ?

should I use still same settings on adsl router or change NAT settings fro every virtaul IP address ? I m confused :S

thank you so much again


Nope, there’s no need to use a Virtual IP address. That’s only necessary when dealing with SSL.

Sharing IP addresses between all your domains is perfectly fine.

Also, you’re correct in that it’s not actually possible to use more than one address in your situation due to the limitations of your adsl router.

If you can’t have more than one external IP address on your router, it won’t be possible to utilize more than one IP on your server.

To setup things to work with NAT, just go into System Settings -> Module Config -> Network Settings, and you’ll want to set “Default IP address for DNS records” to your external address.


thank you so much for your assist, Eric

my system running right now with two domain name …also I set an e-commerce site also…everything is ok…but when I check my domains situations via I get an error that cannot find www A record…but it is already running clearly…Why I m getting this error ?