How to configure spamassassin for maximum efficiency ?


There’s a lot spam coming through on my server lately, and several of my customers are complaining about it.
Is there any guide on how to configure spamassassin for maximum efficiency?
I’ve googled it and found old guides, about 5 years old.
Can someone point me what to do?

Thank you

  • Rogerio


Do you by chance have greylisting enabled?

If not, that can make a huge difference, I’d definitely recommend it.

That can be enabled by going into Email Messages -> Email Greylisting.


Hi Eric,

Yes, I have Greylisting enabled.

And I also have lots of viruses/trojans coming through, like fake CVs and other fake emails with attachments (.jar files, .vbs inside .zip ) … those should not go to the users inbox…
What can I do? Please?


I have negative score for spams sometimes. Is that normal?

Mar 17 14:44:17 linux03 spamd[857]: spamd: result: . -2 - ALL_TRUSTED,BAYES_00,HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_04,HTML_MESSAGE,URIBL_BLOCKED scantime=1.2,size=38216,,uid=1163,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=49865,mid=<2da901d18075$05d68990$11839cb0$>,bayes=0.000000,autolearn=no