How to configure IMAP and SMTP servers

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

Hi guys,

I am new with Virtualmin and have some questions about the subj. I couldn’t find any clear manual how to do it here
How to setup IMAP and SMTP working via SSL? I have some virtual sites and default site. All sites have generated via Let’s encrypt SSL certificates but it looks like postfix for example has the different certificate files (it was installed by virtualmin or not - I am not sure)

So what do I have to do to have possibility to connect to IMAP and SMTP using SSL and 993, 465 ports

PS there is a second question while i cannot use SSL how to move SMTP to the custom port?

On my Virtualmin system, the hostname is and when I had installed Virtualmin, I had created a virtual server with the same domain name as the hostname. I had then applied for SSL certificates for the virtual server via Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> SSL Certificates

This got SSL enabled on the website at and I was then able to get IMAP and SMTP working via SSL by using the tab captioned “Service Certificates” in the screenshot above and then using the buttons there to apply the same certificate to services such as Postfix (for SMTP) and Dovecot (for IMAP) amongst other services listed on the page.

My clients / mail users on the Virtualmin system who have hosted domains (such as abc.tld) use in their email clients the Virtualmin hostname as incoming server and outgoing server for IMAP and SMTP (and not, please note).

I hope this answers your question and gets you started in the right direction. I have used a real (and live, in-production) hostname so that you - and others who are looking for this information - could use tools to dig further and see how things have been set up for the domain to work well as a hostname in Virtualmin in order to replicate the same on your Virtualmin systems.

It looks like your solution has helped. Thank you

The clients can secure connect to 993 and 465 ports now.
But no incoming emails and sent emails are going to nowhere :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

That can be addressed in a fresh topic, if you create one.

Yap, It should be better

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