How to configure a Rails Application

I’m trying to setup Redmine which is a Ruby on Rails application. I would like to know how to setup such an application with VirtualMin

afaik, you can’t do that with virtualmin. you need root permissions to install packages/follow related instructions…

I’ve installed from the shell and it works. However, how do I configure it to run using mongrel from VirtualMin. I wasn’t clear on that part.

In the shell, I start my server using “rails server -e production”. So I would like to be able to start the processes using VirtualMin and then setup the proxy of the site to point to this internal ports. Any ideas how to do it?

Nonsense. You can use rbenv or whatever other tool you like for creating a local Ruby install with whatever packages you want, then setup proxying to the port on which your unicorn server (or whatever) lives.

There is a virtualmin-init module that allows users to create start scripts if you don’t want to make a systemd unit file for your Ruby app (which requires root or sudo).

The proxying is not as intuitive as I would like; Jamie keeps making it automatic for individual apps in Install Scripts and the support in Virtualmin for those kinds of apps is there, but I still think we’re not exposing those features properly. I need to look and see if it’s gotten easier lately.

Edit: Oh, actually, yes, if you let your users use the Proxy Paths feature, you can do that as a user. I’m not sure it handles excluding the .well-known directory for Let’s Encrypt validation, though…

you wrote that, after you knew this user had root perms on the virtualmin server… i didn’t when i posted, so please be nicer next time…
and still it’s not “nonsense”, but a fact : no user without root permissions can use/run rails app on a virtualmin system, cause simply you need extra packages (unicorn / mod_passenger / other … ).

Sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as rude. More of a good-natured ribbing.

rbenv does not need root to install a fully functional deployment. mod_passenger is not possible, but unicorn is.

ok, sorry if i misunderstood, it sounded a bit rude at first read, but not being english native + the written text, might gave me the wrong -first- impression… nevermind then, let all this “die” here :slight_smile:

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