How to clear recent logins on virtualmin main page

I have checked in forums there was an answer to clear :> /var/webmin/sessiondb.pag but it did not work.

How can i clear recent logins for virtualmin or how can i disallow Recent login section to be viewed for particular virtual server user

I’m curious as to find out if anyone ever answered this question. Does anyone know?

Honestly i’m not sure why did they put this on the main page rather than on left menu what would make more sense. Same for Virtualmin counts and Software versions. This kind of information is not so important that should sit on the main page. It would be much better to move all 3 options to the left menu and instead of them insert a list of virtual servers and their compressed info/statistics with a option to sort them by some X factor, e.g. disk size, bandwidth, something else.

I mean, how many people actually look at this 3 options and what is the frequency?

Seems like noone knows answer for this one or it is currently not possible in virtualmin


this is linux after all…

Found it…

Webmin -> Webmin Users -> View Login Sessions

Then click disconnect to the right of the users

This still does not show how to clear logs though, recent logins still show previous logins