How to change the SOA on my server

OS type and version Ubuntu 18.04.6
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.2-1 Pro
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I have three nameservers on my system…, and The ns1 & ns2 were created after I had a better idea what I was doing with these type of servers and the wtsa was created by the system when I originally installed it.

When I go to it tells me I have a problem because the address doesn’t resolve properly. The is also the SOA for my system. So I was thinking I need to change the SOA so that it matches my so that all my nameservers actually resolve. I this something I should be considering… or is it just unnecessary and I should accept the error?

How hard is it to change the SOA? Will it disrupt all the virtual domains? For future installations should I change this right away before creating the virtual domains? Should I change it on the server templates for future virtual domains I create?

Also… another error I’m getting is that all three of the nameservers are on the same server and same IP address creating a single point of failure for the nameservers. Should I somehow split this between a couple of machines on different IP addresses to ensure multiple points of failure? If so, how should I do that.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Just create an A record for “

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I already have an A record for “” but inspite of that still keeps coming back and telling me it’s an error.

In System Settings > Server Templates > Default Settings > Edit Server Template > DNS Domain

  1. Is the hostname specified for Master DNS server hostname, and
  2. Are the additional nameservers listed in the box labeled Additional manually configured nameservers ?

As for SOA serial, I’m pretty sure it should auto-increment when you edit the file. If not, add 1 to it, save, and restart BIND.

You have a good suggestion and it works for the new websites. But it doesn’t change anything for the existing websites that I can see. The master DNS server hostname stays the same for the websites previously created.

Is there a way to change the master DNS server hostname for the entire installation?

Dan Lewis


For template changes to take effect on existing domains, simply disable that feature then re-enable it.

BEWARE doing the above means any custom entries will need to be recreated afterwards.

you have 2 a records

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