how to change tables permissions

i use CenotOS 6, i run wordpress website, i have problem after i updated my wordpress website, when i try to log in admin area, it won’t me long in, i get error which says some table permission is read only, so i want to know how to change table permissions, i tried to change table permissions but every time i try to change one, i get another error message saying that another table permission is read only so i couldn’t change any table permission…


Hmm, are you accessing MySQL as the database user Virtualmin created?

Normally, that user would have full rights to all of the databases belonging to that domain.

I’m curious if perhaps there’s another issue going on – such as the disk being low on space, or the quota for that user being full.

However, you can change permissions for a user or database in the Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL screen.


actually i fixed it but i don’t know exactly how, i know where to go in webmin to change the permissions but when i try to change permission it says some table is read only and won’t make the change, i was confused because i was logged in as root, however, disk almost empty and the quota is unlimited i think, after i had the problem which i can’t login in admin area because of table permission, i just thought to restart mysql, after that myaql won’t start again, i was searching all day to solution how to make mysql work again and tried alot of things, and while searching online i found command which is
chmod 1777 /tmp
/etc/init.d/mysql start
after that mysql worked, i felt like i won 1 million dollar :slight_smile: i’m by the way new to unmangaed hosting and linux world,
so i went to check if i could log in admin area of my wordpress and bingo it work without any problem, it did not show the table permission thing error and i didn’t change any permissions,
i used cpanel before but i start using webmin because it is free and cost effective but i still don’t know few things about it, i hope to explore and learn about webmin (virtualmin) through this forum and website.
thank you again for taking the time to reply to my post, i truly appreciate it.
have a good day and sorry my english is not very good.