How to change server ?


i have a Webmin/Virtualmin on a Centos 6.0 server with ~10 Virtual domains hosted on it.

I want to upgrade the server to a new one.

What is the best way to do that ?

Backup everything, then import the backup, but as the ip will probably not be the same, what should i change ? only DNS records ?

Is there another way to make a full copy of a server to another without reinstalling everything ?



The instructions here regarding how to migrate your server to a new one may be able to help you there:

Take a peek at those, and then let us know if you have any questions how those might apply to your particular setup.


What can i say ?
As usual, you are excellent !


oh just a question :

i’m doing the backup as described in the page. But i don’t have enough space in /root and i have created ‘/home/migration’ directory (only /home has enough space).

I see Virtualmin is currently “Creating TAR file of home directory …”

Will it create a tar of only the directories of the virtual domains or will it try to create a tar of the full /home ? (in that case i may be a bit annoyed with my choice of backup place !!)



Not to worry, it will TAR only the respective domain’s home directory, not all of /home. :slight_smile: You can safely place stuff in any /home subfolder that’s not part of a domain, Virtualmin will leave it alone.

it worked perfectly