How to change MySQL user password (Not MySQL root)

I had to give access to MySQL to a dev but can’t seem to find a way to change the MySQL user account pass. I have hashed passwords so it’s not the account password.

I’m not looking to change MySQL’s root password I know how to do this I just need to change the user pass for the virtual server.

Thanks for your time.

Okay, as a disclaimer, I’m a newbie myself.

But if you go to “Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database Server” then you have the list of databases. In the “Global Options” below, there’s “user permissions” and if you click on that, you get a list of the MySQL users. Find the user you want to change in the list and click on their name.

You’ll have a page of that user’s MySQL details and just below the username field, there’s “password”. Which you can set to “none”, “don’t change” (to leave the password as it is when changing other details) and “Set to…” for entering a new password. The other options, of course, can also be tweaked. Then hit “Save” to apply the changes.

Hope that helps and is actually what you were looking for.

Virtualmin -> Servers -> Edit Databases -> Password

Copy/Paste of UI Text

This form can be used to change the primary database passwords for this virtual server. By default they are kept the same as the server's administration password.

Change database passwords
MySQL database
Same as administration password
Custom password

To clarify Miker1029’s direction:

Virtualmin -> [select the virtual server] -> Edit Databases -> Password

The unclarity is due to “Servers” being in this menu path:

Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL -> User Permissions -> [select the MySQL user] -> Password -> Set to..