How to change Monitor on localhost.localdomain in monitor emails?


I have about 10 servers, and I occasionally get this:
Monitor on localhost.localdomain for ‘xxxxxx’ has detected that the service has gone down/up etc.

Where can I change localhost.localdomain? I have to look in the email headers everytime to find which server it came from.

The server’s hostname is correctly set, so its not using that. Even if I go into Postfix and enter the domain to send mail from, these alerts still come from webmin@localhost.localdomain and have localhost.localdomain n the body.



What is your server’s hostname? You can determine that by running the command “hostname”.


I was working on a completely seperate thing, and went to “Webmin -> Network -> Hostname and DNS Client” and in there it said the hostname was localhost.localdomain, even though the hostname command returned the correct one. So I changed it in here. Lets see if that fixes it.


Ah, nice find! Hopefully that resolves your issue.


just wanted to confirm that fixed it :slight_smile: