How to change hostname.


I have installed the Virtualmin GPL on Kubuntu client the newest kernel version. I fallowed the instructions from as usual.

The installer can be downloaded from Once you have it on the Linux system you want to run Virtualmin on, execute it with the commands : chmod +x ./

Because it downloads numerous packages from the Virtualmin website and your Linux distribution’s repository, it may take up to 30 minutes for the install to complete. Once it is done, you can login to Webmin at https://yourserver:10000/ to see the Virtualmin user interface.

In the middle of the installation he’ll ask a hostname like but i filled a unregisted domainname whats not active at the inthernet so now i can’t use my virtualmin.

my question is how can i change my hostname and where can i find it ?

Thanks for your help

Best regards, dlap

You can access Webmin/Virtualmin using any hostname or IP that resolves to your server.

So if you don’t have a valid domain name on there now, no problem, just use the IP address to login to Webmin:

You can configure what hostname it thinks it is in Webmin -> Networking -> Internet Services and Protocols -> Hostname and DNS Client – but that won’t effect your ability to get there.

Once you’re able to log into Virtualmin, you can setup Virtual Servers using valid domain names, and when you do, you’ll be able to access the system using those domains (assuming, of course, that you have your box setup to handle DNS, or that you setup offsite DNS for those domains).


I know what u mean but its not working,

see what i mean and i want to change for now mine hostname.

The URL you mentioned is missing the ‘s’ in https, try this:

And that should work for you!


Sorry thanks for your help, i’ll restart my system atm.


I restarted my system but i can’t find what u said.

You can configure what hostname it thinks it is in Webmin -> Networking -> Internet Services and Protocols -> Hostname and DNS Client -- but that won't effect your ability to get there.

im using Kubuntu huh.

best regards, dlap


nevermind, i found it. now is my question what is the standard user and password for login ?

You can log in using root and your root password.

From there, you can use root to create additional Webmin and system users.


the root password from my system was not working now he says

"Error - Access denied for The host has been blocked because of too many authentication failures."

what can i do now ?

I believe that will timeout after a certain amount of time, but I think you can also reset it by restarting Webmin:

/etc/init.d/webmin restart

Ubuntu/Kubuntu don’t setup root logins by default, make sure you do have a root password and such setup (I think I’ve also read that you can login as a user with sudo access).


Thanks a lot its working now. i used my sudo login to connect