How to change Encoding from "UTF-8" to "windows-1251" ?

I installed Virtualmin in linux vps.

I already selected cp1251 when created database:

  • Character set for new database: cp1251
  • Collation order for new database: cp1251_general_ci

But Encoding still is UTF-8 ( Please see the screenshot attachment )

How to change Encoding from “UTF-8” to “windows-1251” ?

Here is screenshot:

What is that a screenshot of? It looks like it’s showing the encoding of the website itself.

Your database can have a windows-1251 encoding while the website itself uses something else entirely.

If you want to change the default character set for a web site, you can go into Services -> Configure Website -> Languages, and there you can set “Character set for documents”.


My website is running in shared hosting, everything is fine.

But after move website to Vps with Virtualmin, Encoding is “UTF-8” :

I don’t know how to change Encoding from “UTF-8” to “windows-1251”. I already changed “Character set for documents” in Virtualmin to “windows-1251” as you said, but it does not work.


Problem Solved.
This problem happen because Vps, not Virtualmin.

Thank you!