How to change default nginx config template in Webmin / Virtualmin module configuration

In Virtualmin server I can change apache default config template via “Directives and settings for new websites” section of Server Template. But I can’t find where I can change default config template for Nginx server? In Plugin options I see empty list.

Also in “Configure Nginx Website” section of virtualmin virtual server I can change many settings, but there are no way to direct edit config file via plain text edtior.

+1 for the feature (Editing Nginx website template in Virtualmin server templates)

Would love to be able to create Nginx website templates!

Also, a simple text editing of config files (like webmin has with apache/php etc.)

Any update on this?

would love a working update for this too :slight_smile:

Yes please.

This would be a great future! Or is there anyway to “fool” the system so when we editing a new Server Template and when we come to editing the Apache template, it saves to a nginx template instead?