How to be running Centos 7? With or without debugging?


I just realised that my Centos 7 server (with Virtualmin & CSF firewall) when it boots it goes automatically to the second option which is Latest Kernel WITH debugging.

I am not sure which option is the correct to be using for normal server operation and most importantly I don’t know if the current option is actually slowing down the server.
I am not trying to debug anything however I do want proper logging of the server as a whole and especially security events.
Which one do you use?

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you.

If you are not debugging anything then is good to not have logs set to that option. It could produce excessive amount of logs what dont server their purpose, and depending on some other settings and visitors could even slightly slow down your server.

Thank you for the response.
I thought so…
I notice that if I reboot the server it will automatically select again to start with the debugging option.
Do you know where can this be changed so it doesn’t do that?
Thank you

Each software (Apache, MySQL, Named…) have their own logs so you should make separate adjustments for each one of them, usually inside their .conf files.

I was actually referring to the Centos 7 server itself.
Where do you adjust which kernel to load when it starts? This currently is set to automatically select latest kernel “with debugging”.