how to backup sql databases and files, for a website ?

Hello all !

Does, any of you, know how to easily backup 100% of a website within Webmin ?
For 100%, I mean SQL databases and all the files (php, conf, images, media,…) included in a standard website.

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:



Just to verify – you’re using Webmin, and not Virtualmin?

Virtualmin provides a quick and easy way for this, as it’s designed for web hosting. You could just go into Backup and Restore, and generate a backup of any domains hosted on your server.

If you’re just using Webmin, you’d need to generate a backup of your databases, and then generate a filesystem backup that includes both your websites, as well as your Apache configs. In the MySQL Database module is a “Backup Databases” option. And in the Filesystem Backup module, you can backup your files and configs.