How to backup mysql folder

I have need to configure autobackup for backup mysql folder located on /var/lib/mysql.
I see only this option on backup page : “Contents of server’s MySQL databases”.
This option create a dump of all databases, but I have need a simply backup of mysql forlder and not the dumps.
How to create this option?


Performing dumps are a common way that MySQL databases are backed up, and can later be used to easily restore the data.

That’s also Virtualmin’s primary way of backing them up.

If that’s not what you want, you can explore other MySQL backup options, such as using the “mysqlhotcopy” tool from the command line. But you’d have to configure them all manually.

Also of note – it’s not possibly to just copy the files in the MySQL data folder while MySQL is running. Doing so would make the data in the files inconsistent.

Personally, I use Virtualmin’s built-in database backup, as it does exactly what one needs in a backup… it provides a full database backup so that it can be later restored if something goes wrong.


I have need backup of mysql directory with the virtualmin backup system and not the dumps.
Someone have one solution?