How to backup all server's configuration, including postfix, php limits, etc

I constantly migrate Virtual Servers from one Virtualmin installation to another (in different servers but same OS, version and architecture).

But some configurations are not backed up in default backup options in Virtualmin, like max attachment size limit, php limits, postfix configs, username format for email (this one I am not sure), etc etc

Is it possible to do a full backup which includes these configurations too? Or does a separate Webmin backup of its module configurations solves this?



You can generate a virtualmin.tar.gz backup within Virtualmin that will backup Virtualmin settings such as the backup schedules, server templates, account plans, and such.

You can do that on the backup screen by going into Features and settings, and setting “Virtualmin settings to also backup”.

However, settings specific to services such as Postfix aren’t backed up, as many of those settings are specific to particular application versions, and aren’t necessarily compatible between any two Virtualmin systems.

You could, however, use Webmin -> System -> Filesystem Backup to backup additional files and directories, such as /etc/.


Also, note that we have Virtualmin migration instructions here:

Thank you, Andrey!