How to assign static public IP address to virtualized servers

First, an apology if this questions is posted in the wrong section of this forum.

I currently have a license for Virtualmin Pro and absolutely love its feature-rich capabilities. For a newbie to server management, this has been a godsend! I now have a need for one or two more webservers plus a dedicated email server for our small business. Virtualization seems to be our best route in order to keep cost low and maximize use of our server(s). I wish to pursue Cloudmin for this purpose.

My question is in regards to the allocation and assignment of static ‘public’ IP in Cloudmin’s IP Pool. I cannot seem to wrap my head around how each virtualized server is assigned this address. I’ve googled all I could think of to find a resource that explains how this is done, but every resource only discusses the assignment of private IP (ie. - In regards to Cloudmin’s IP pool, is this only for private IP addresses which will require utilizing NAT behind a multi-wan router? Or can I plug in a range of public static IPs in the pool for direct assignment to the newly created virtualized servers? Our gateway currently supports dynamic allocation of 5 public static IPs.

Thanks in advance. I would also appreciate any references you can recommend that would further my education in regards to the questions above.

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