How to allow virtual server owner to add/delete/manage their own MySQL Databases ?

Hi guys.

I’m a very recent convert from cPanel, and I want to know, how can I allow a virtual server (aka domain) owner to add/delete/manage their own MySQL databases, similar to how this can be done in cPanel ?

Because I have a virtualmin installation, and I made a test virtual server in it … When I log in as the owner of that virtual server, I dont see any controls for adding/deleting/managing MySQL databases … But when I login as root, and I can do that …

As root, select the domain and then expand "Administration option"s, then click “Edit Owner Limits” Then expand “Allowed Capabillities and features” in that section you can allow the owner access to the database settings.

Hope that helps?


Thanks, that worked nicely ! I was also able to give other privileges which I thought will be needed later on.

Can you also tell me how to had a user to a database I create within a virtual server ? I don’t see any option for doing this …

You create the user in the Edit Users screen, then unfold the Other user permissions row. There you can configure access to databases.

Thanks !

And is there a way to manually choose the MySQL username for a user ?

Like when I create a new user, the prompt is for the email address of this new user. Then the system trims the email address to 16 characters from the left, and declares that as the MySQL username …

Although it works, the MySQL username generated this way looks ugly … Is there a way to manually set the MySQL username to something that reads better ?

No, unfortunately I don’t think there is. The database username will be the same as the user’s email name etc., but since MySQL usernames have a length restriction, only the first X characters will be used.

I think you can use the command-line utility to change the database user name:

virtualmin modify-database-user