How to add user from just created server to sudoers

I Have created a new virtual server
logged in with putty and want to install Restyaboard (

I called the script and got this:
“username of created server” is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

How do I solve this in Web- or Virtualmin??
PLS help to get forward

What OS?
As whom did you log in?
What is the permission on /etc/sudoers ?


A Virtualmin user, by default, does not have sudo privileges (sudo=root, unless specifically limited to only some actions). Usually, you grant sudo privileges by adding a user to the sudoers or wheel group. You can do that in the System->Users and Groups module, or from the command line.

Virtualmin doesn’t really interact with sudo. You can choose to have Virtualmin domain owners added to a group (like sudoers or wheel), but you should only do that if you completely trust every user. Granting sudo is granting root.

THX for the hint
I put the user to sudo in primary group
and it worked.
BUT I have created 1 server when installing Virtualmin with
IP of the ThinkPad in the local network 192.xx.xx.15 (server1)
Then I created a new server with IP 192.xx.xx.16 (server2)
logged in with putty with 192.xx.xx.16 and username created in server 2
stated Install script: Restyaboard ( )
was running OK
this script installed Nginx and Postgres

When I call in the browser 192.xx.xx.16 (server2) I can log in to Restya! Which seemed OK
When I call 192.xx.xx.15(server1) I have the same login screen from Restya.

I Think I do not understand the concept of Virtualmin.
I thought I will have independent servers to run different things?

What have I done wrong?

Maybe I should start from scratch If someone has patience with me and would help me to set it up correctly.

Hop to get further help
PS: I Have installed Ubuntu 20.04 - Schall I use somthing else?

Did you look at that Restya install script before you ran it? That’s not gonna play nice with Virtualmin.

You can probably run Restya fine on a Virtualmin managed virtual host, but not like that. Their install script likely breaks huge swaths of Virtualmin configs…I haven’t studied it, but hell, it removes Apache if it’s installed and replaces it with nginx. That’s crazily disruptive for a web application installer. Surely they have a way to install that isn’t insane?

I’ve never even heard of Restyaboard, so I can’t answer any questions about it…you may need to take it up with them. See if they have documentation for installing into an existing web server configuration rather than one that assumes their app owns the whole server.

This problem has nothing to do with your OS or version. Restyaboard’s install script made a mess. It would make the same mess on any OS/version. If you have to use this install script, you’re going to have to give it its own server (virtual machine or otherwise).

Oh, and to be clear: You almost certainly need to blow away this server and start fresh. That install script did catastrophic damage to your Virtualmin installation. I have no idea how you’d fix Virtualmin after that.

If you’re just running Restyaboard, just use their installer on a fresh OS. If you’re using Virtualmin with Restyaboard, you’re going to have to install Restyaboard some other way after you get Virtualmin reinstalled on a fresh system.

Also, please start new topics when you change the subject. I should have asked you do that before replying. Having multiple topics in one thread is confusing and hard to drop in on.

Many THX for your Afford!
So I need to set up a new server Os on my ThinkPad and then install Virualmin new?

If so what OS would you recommend shall I stay with Ubuntu?
I want to run Grocy (
and Restyaboard
maybe a Joomla site later
and Nextcloud

I will start a new one when server is running again - OK?

I’d probably put it in a virtual machine, so you can easily snapshot and start over, etc. since it sounds like you’re new to all of this, having the ability to start over quickly is valuable. I assume you’re just using your ThinkPad for development, rather than anything serious, with plans to put it on a VM somewhere on the internet for actual production use?

Use what you’re familiar with. The differences between OSes are not big enough to justify the cost of using something you need to learn from scratch. If you don’t have any experience with any Linux version, I usually recommend CentOS, but you’re trying to run stuff that seems to need very new versions of stuff, so Ubuntu is probably better.

I don’t know anything about Restyaboard or Grocy. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of either of them.

Joomla works fine with Virtualmin in most supported distros. Nextcloud does, too. They both need reasonably modern versions of PHP, but nothing too hard to find on current distro versions (e.g. Ubuntu 20.04, CentOS 8, Debian 10).

Yes I’m totally new with this stuff.
No I intend to use the ThinkPad 93p I5 16 MB RAN as server @home for production use.

I’m behind a fritz box with changing IP that’s the next problem.
I think when I install windows on the ThinkPad and run Linux in a Virtual VM machine it will be more trouble to set up domains reachable from internet as having Linux with virtualmin directly on the machine.
What do you think?

Is there a way to back up the whole ThinkPad on a USB disk and restore it in the case of crash I have now?


You want to run Restyaboard, Grocy, Nextcloud, and eventually Joomla…

On a virtualized Linux running on top of Windows…

On a laptop…

On a dynamic IP…

And make it Internet-accessible for production use.

Does that about sum it up? Because although there’s nothing necessarily impossible about that, it doesn’t sound like you’ll be having a whole lot of fun keeping it running.

I never heard of Restya until today, but glancing at its documentation, I don’t think “plays well with others” is one of its strong points. That looks like it needs its own server or VPS, possibly bare Linux with no panel at all. That would leave you responsible for maintenance of the underlying OS and configuration of whatever services Restya does not provide GUIs for, which may or may not be within your current skill set.

The reason I say that is because I couldn’t find a single provider that offers a Restya image that also includes a panel (cPanel, Virtualmin, or whatever else is out there). Maybe Restya takes care of things like updates and such. Or maybe not. I really don’t know.

In any case, I think you should look into leasing a VPS to run Restya, and only Restya, on. Grocy I know nothing about. Nextcloud and Joomla should run fine with any panel I know of.


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