How to Add php-fpm to System and Server status monitor?

How do I add PHP-fpm to System and Service Status Monitor?

Simply monitoring Apache isn’t enough. I have had PHP-fpm go down, apache keep running and I’m none the wiser until a Wordpress website goes offline because PHP-fpm stops working (which is highly embarrassing sometimes).

Webmin>Others>System and Server Status Monitor doesn’t have a PHP-fpm option


Again FPM down and no monitoring option :frowning:

This is a must have.


Hello @jfro

How this commit add the notification? I have merged the commit and I dont see the monitoring option :slight_smile:

Don’t know only trying to point to some more info about maybe that topic.

Webmin has a generic “check Process” in the status monitoring module. Can monitor any process you want.

He means here you can
Others > System and Server Status > Add monitor of type: Check Process
Then in “Command to check”

Thanks @jfro and @scotwnw :slight_smile:

I added in the field “Command to Check” the process “php-fpm” and now its working :slight_smile:

This is good. I have also set mine to run the following command if php-fpm monitor detects its not active…

/etc/init.d/php-fpm start

However, how can we change the descriptor in the Server Status monitor to something more appropriate/meaningful?

Currently, it shows as “Check Process”. I would much prefer “php-fpm”

Belay the “Descriptor” question…who would have thought it was so simple, I was too stupid to see how to change that!

The problem now is, the status monitor is not displaying its current status???


even with this change/update?

don’t think that is it but to be sure.

all caches cleared ofcourse?

I run Virtualmin Pro not GPL.

Will that update work with Pro?

Also, does this display in the Server status monitor alongside Apache, Bind, MySQL etc?

don’t knwo make a topic here i think