How to add a domain. (.tk)

So, i’ve got virtualmin up and running, and need to set up a domain, for my website. I’ve already registered the domain, it’s moving it over to my own dns servers that I’m getting stuck on. The methods I’ve tried are: creating an NS record, as ns1.[domain].tk of the domain I want to add. Next I go to the modufy domain options at, and change that to the nameserver I want to use, and then input my IP next to it (seperate field, set asid for custon Nameservers). The only thing I’ve gotten out of it is a servfail in the DNS cache with openDNS.
I’m having trouble cause I cam over from using CPanel provided by other hosts I’ve been with.


Where are your custom DNS servers – is that on your Virtualmin server, or are they at a third party?

All you should have to do to setup your domain is to go to your registrar, and set it up to use the correct nameservers.

If you don’t yet have nameservers setup for your server – there’s instructions on how to do that here in the section named “How do I setup nameservers for my server”:

I’ll read that FAQ, I didn’t see it right off the bat on the documentation page. The nameservers are at this IP:

It appears it still isnt working. I’ll get back after a while, just to be sure the DNS cache gets a chance to refresh. I will attach pictures from virtualmin and the registrar.

Well, for the most part DNS is working properly, I just need to configure Apache, and ProFTPD

Seeing As Apache is denying requests, it appears…