How to Add a domain on a white list in Webmin?

I manage a dedicated server on debian 9 with webmin 1.979, usermin 1.823 and virtualmin 6.16.
This server host multiple websites.
One of those is a webshop with Prestashop 1.7.
I’ve installed a plugin (sendinblue) that uses a webservice. Sendinblue needs to connect to my website by each time it tries, these’s an error : 401 unauthorized.
Support of sendinblue told me to put this url :
in a white list in webmin (or virtualmin)
but i don’t know how to do that.
Can anyone help me ?

I think you can do that in Webmin / Webmin Configuration / Trusted Referrers

I’m pretty sure if you put that link in the window and save it you’ll be good to go.

This has nothing to do with Webmin/Virtualmin.

You need to configure either your web server (Apache or nginx) or your application (?) to allow it.

Do you know how to modify my virtual server so that is not blocked ?

No. By default, the configuration Virtualmin generates for Apache or nginx would not block any requests…so, something you’re doing, either in your app or your .htaccess or in config file customization is preventing access.

I don’t know what you did or what you’re running, so I can’t possibly guess at how to change it.

Edit: I now see you’re running prestashop. This is a question for them. You’re asking us about stuff we don’t know anything about.

I use Prestashop since many years. And a few weeks ago, the update of the addon of sendinblue can’t connect to our website. It’s the first time i have such a problem. On the precedent version of this addon, it worked fine.
I contacted sendinblue support and they told me to add their domain in the white list of my web host.
I have a lot of addon that access to the website and there is no problem. I don’t understant why i have that with this addon.
Here the access log : - - [08/Jul/2021:18:00:13 +0000] “GET /api/sendinbluetest?output_format=JSON HTTP/1.1” 401 4448 “-” “Newsletter2Go/1.1.13 (Newsletter2Go Connectors User-Agent)”

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