How to Access Virtualmin


I am really sorry for such a newbie question, I have installed virtualmin following the script installation instructions on the Site I am installing on ubuntu 10.04.2 but when I log in I am only presented with webmin no option for virtualmin in the top left

I thought I may have done something wrong during installation so I reformatted the computer and tried again and the same thing

I am Sorry if this question has been answered before I cannot seem to find it

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi got it sorted ran this command

sudo apt-get install php5-mysql

and then rebooted

This is rather odd. Having the MySQL PHP module installed or not should not have any influence on Virtualmin’s working state, since VM is coded in Perl, uses its own mini-webserver, and does not use MySQL databases at all. (That is, it can configure them, but does not use them to store internal information.)

How did you install VM? When using (which is highly recommended except you’re a very experienced user), VM should be in working order right after script completion.