How should I install Memcached

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Virtualmin version 7.8.2

Hello i need help to install the Memcached in my wordpress website, How should i proceed to install it to make my website load fast


How much memory does your system have? Is this a VPS or Dedicated Server? Are you planning on enabling the feature for multiple websites?

I have 4GB of ram and 4GB of virtual memory and it’s VPS, Yes I want to enable this option for all my sites


How many websites?

Currently I’ve mainly 3 website which running on WordPress but in future I’ll add more


The reason I asked is, you need to keep in mind that “MemCached” uses “memory”…

So while that may seem obvious, when you consider your system needs memory to run Apache, MySQL, and other services depending on what you’re hosting on it… 4 GB of Memory may not be well spent on MemCached as it may end up causing you to run out of memory for other critical services.

There are other ways to improve performance for WordPress, such as using “file based” caching techniques, or utilizing services like CloudFlare between your server and the public.

Just something to consider before proceeding down a path that “may” not give you the desired results.

The same way you would install any package on any Ubuntu server: using the package manager.

apt install memcached

Can you guide me how to setup for wordpress websites? I install memcached using that command

You will need a plugin and the PECL memcache extension.