How much does a Plesk Migration restore

Hi if i do a complete backup of my plesk account on shared hosting and restore it into virtualmin, will it also restore email adresses and my wordpress website?
Is the restore a gpl feature?
Thanks alot

Hello @Comyu and welcome to the community.

Yes, restore is a GPL feature.

Go to Virtualmin -> Add Server -> Migrate Virtual Server and then choose version from Plesk 7, Plesk 8 or Plesk 9+.

Try it out. Post a message if you need help.

How does it deal with default plesk stuff like apache and the nginx reverse proxy? I dont think it supports that setup does it get translated?

I am loath to make predictions. Since Plesk import is offered in Virtualmin GPL, why don’t you spin up a VPS and see for yourself how your migration fares.

We definitely don’t support nginx proxying for Apache, as it is a nonsensical configuration. I don’t know how the import would handle it. It’d probably bring over the Apache configuration as-is, which might need some tweaking. And it’ll probably drop the nginx config.

Is it possible to remove the pointless extra web server from your configuration before making the backup you intend to migrate? i.e. turn off the nginx proxying “feature”. That’d at least insure your Apache configuration is in a state that’ll probably work after migration.

Id love to, but since its a shared hosting im restricted to my hosters plesk settings, i also think that nginx apache is the default in plesk.
Useless because a reverse proxy securitywise is not needed by a webserver only eventual services behind it, right? But isnt nginx caching better than apaches?
I dont care if my nginx conf gets dropped, but i dont think im able to disable it.
I also cant play around with the current site, as its a live production website so id rather attempt it with another vps and fix the config

But email accounts are supported, right? The documentation of the feature is very short

Email should be migrated correctly. A lot of effort goes into making migration work as nicely as possible, but the backup formats of those other control panels is not generally documented (and often they do things differently than we do), so we’re often guessing at intentions and how things are supposed to work and mapping those intentions to how Virtualmin does things.

In short: You need to plan some time for testing and cleanup, but mailboxes should be migrated. If they aren’t, it’s a bug we can probably fix if we see an example backup that exhibits the problem.

We have no plans to do anything with nginx+Apache configs, as it’s foolishness. (And, no, any benefit that would come from caching with nginx is lost to the additional latency of another hop and memory/CPU lost to running two web servers. The web server is never why your apps are slow…and Apache can cache, but if you handle your static assets correctly it won’t need to.)

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