How many email accounts are possible

A survey of sorts, need some reasonably close answers.

How many email addresses can you expect to host on one domain. Not just “sorta works”
but with full virus scanning/filtering turned on. I have about 200 active email accounts on a single virtualmin host (multiple domains), easily, but was wondering what people find to be possible?

My specific need, around 1000 active email accounts on one domain.

Thanks for any answers.

Number of accounts is almost completely irrelevant. More than several thousand user accounts (like 50,000 or 100,000 maybe?) might cause some issues with some services, but one thousand is not even in the ballpark of a problem. The number of emails is what determines how much work your server is doing.

If it’s a big enough server, millions of emails in or out in a month is entirely reasonable. It’s not a problem that comes up often…I think the only performance issues we hear about from properly configured systems would be if someone is trying to send millions of mails a day (i.e. spammers, who are not in our target market and we have no desire to improve Virtualmin for their use case).

Edit: I am assuming you have plenty of memory. Don’t try to run a high volume mail server on a tiny VM. Give it some space to spread out and cache everything. 8GB is probably a reasonable minimum, if nothing else is working hard, but more is better.

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