How Login using username only (webmail)

Hi all,

when I try to log in through webmail using username does not work “Login failed. Please try again.”

but if I use username.adminname it will work

Could you please help me to fix this issue? I would like to use username only.

Screenshot(Virtualmin- Mail and FTP Users)

Screenshot(webmail login)

Screenshot(webmail login)


The issue is that “username.adminname” is actually what the username is considered to be by the server.

You would need to create users to use the usernames you want them to be able to login as.


Thanks for reply

So I can not log in with “info” username only??


You can only login with an actual username.

So if the username is “name.domain”, then you would need to log in as “name.domain”. If the username is just “name”, then you can log in as “name”.


Hi Eric

Is it possible to login using the FQDN such as user1@domain.tld?

  • Tim