How does "Failures before reporting" work?

I’m talking about a setting in Webmin > Tools > System and Server Status.

In the create/edit form of a monitor there is a setting called “Failures before reporting” and by default set to 1. It should be a time bound thing, right? Like 1 failure in a minute? In an hour? How does this work?

I’ve setup a monitor for postfix’s mail size queue. I want to be notified if the size of the mail queue goes over 50. My server sends way less email than that except once at midnight when some cron files run and I get the mail. By the time I open virtualmin the mail queue is already processed. It would be helpful if I get notified if the mail queue is over 50 for say longer than 5 minutes.

The status checks run however often you tell them to run (5 minutes by default), and the number of failures is however many of those scheduled checks have to fail before it’s considered really failed and some action happens (like notifying or running a command).

Where do I set this timer of 5 minutes? In case I want to change it.

there’s a cron for monitoring. just edit that. else you use muliplites of 5 minutes in the Failures before reporting

That’s a cool trick. I’ll do that.

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You don’t need to edit the cronjob directly, and probably shouldn’t. Click “Scheduled Monitoring”. You set the schedule there.

didn’t notice that :slight_smile:

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