How do you setup postfix server

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Virtualmin version 7.9.0 Pro

hi can anyone help me with my issue im trying to setup an email server on my home server when i check mxtoolbox it shows up with this

and i have smtp setup in my firewall too

any help will be much aappreciated

Still on the home router ? If so you are not going to get this to work successfully. Best move to a vps

If you don’t have port 25, you can’t have a mail server. Configuring Postfix is not the problem you have.

i do have port 25 though as it shows in the screenhot here

the second screenshot is my isp provider which is sky

You are missing the point slightly, you may find that mail servers reject mail from you server as it does not have a static IP but that said mx tool box can not connect to your server see

and a try at telnet
port 25 is unreachable you need to fix that

so how do i fix that and what is the best free vps as im on a limited budget

I said in another thread fasthosts can supply a vps at £1 +vat per month. Which is cheap but as it is low powered I would only add the mail server there and serve the web stuff as you have been doing

ok thank you for you help much appreciated