How do you set Virtualmin to run Apache on port 8080

Under Webmin -> Apache Webserver -> Global configuration, I see Networking and Addresses, I changed the port to 8080, and the Addresses for name virtual servers to my IP:8080, and applied the changes, I see it updated /etc/apache2/ports.conf, but when I navigate to my IP:8080 or just my IP or URL I get This webpage is not available.

I am trying to setup haproxy, at this point haproxy is not runing, but this behavior baffles me, I can seem to get it to work, when I run haproxy it still does not work.


Update: I did figure out that I had to go to Server Configuration -> Change IP Address, that did the trick, but do I need to make the change in both places?

you can make this the default by going going to Server Templates and changing the default apache configuration to use port 8080 for virtual hosts. you can also set port 80 to still be used in URLs.

Hi guys!

I changed the Apache default port from 80 to 8097, and now when I go to “Administration Options/ List Sub-Servers” I see the message “No virtual servers containing were found.”

And when I go to “Server Configuration/ Website Options” I get the message: “Error | Website options cannot be edited, as no Apache virtual host for port 8097 was found!”.

I made the change in the “Server Templtes/ Default Settings/ Apache Web Site” and restarted webmin.

Is there some other change I need to do somewhere?