How do you manage only parked domains

If you register an Domain, you generally need to have an DNS-Server, which is listen on it.
I wonder if Virtualmin has a way to handle “parked Domains”, without the need to add virtual server and add alias-domains to it.

Would be nice, if I could add a list of domains somewhere (in a long listing), which only resolve to a default-host - which might be an “Domain-Parked” Webpage.


i just leave dns at the registrar i use for client domains…then i do not have to manage them at all and save a license on virt…:slight_smile:

Virtualmin handles what you term parked domains (i.e. domains which either have been pointed at Virtualmin’s DND or Virtualmin’s IP) by displaying the content of the virtual server which has been configured as the default virtual server.

In other words, a domain does not (or a long list of domains do not) have to be assigned to a virtual server in order for Virtualmin to serve them. Just point any domain to Virtualmin’s IP and it will be served.

Yes, it would be nice. Virtualmin is nice already. :slight_smile:

@hescominsoon You mean, you add them via webmin to an own DNS-Zone?
Can you explain more in detail, what you do at your server side?

@calport: ok, that means, if I only enter the server-ip at the domain-registrar side, virtualmin answer for that domain with the default server page (you mean the “Under Construction” page)?
I’m not 100% sure, but I think the registrars not only checking if there is a server answering, but also if the domainlookup fit as needed?

Yes. Exactly.

The under construction page will display for the parked domain if you leave the default page as is. Or if you put your custom content then that would display.

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no i do not add them to virt at all if they are parked. i leave the dns with the registrar…then i do not have to use a virt license for a site that does nothing.

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