How do you insttal your virtualmin servers?


im just trying our cloudmin and virtualmin atm and although from a customer side it is not as friendly as other panels i really like what you can do with it.
From the admin site it is really easy to install - you all know that. On the other hand im just wondering if the are some settings you still need to adjust.
So i just thought to ask you how you did your installs and if you did some adjustments outside virtualmin.

Heres what i did so far:

  1. Install vanilla OS (debian or centos)
    2.Install Firewall
  2. Adjusted SSH settings to allow root login only with keys, changing port and such
  3. installed virtualmin

Basically thats all i did - but it feels a little too easy compared to all the other setup work you do on other panels.
Did i miss something - do you adjust postfixsettings for example or do you just do all that from within bvirtualmin?


I guess it’s a good sign that the installer is doing it’s job when the concern is that it was all too easy :slight_smile:

The goal is that when the installer runs, it’ll put things in a state that works well for the majority of people.

It’s not that there aren’t things that can be tweaked; there’s always more tweaking that can be done.

But, once the installer runs, it should have your system in a state that allows you to start hosting domains right away.

You may have to do some things outside of your server, such as registering nameservers at your registrar and pointing them at your box. Or getting reverse DNS up and running (which you’d call your provider to do).

But aside from that, the majority of the work should already be completed :slight_smile: The rest is just tuning things so that they work as you want them to (for example, changing SSH settings as you did above).

An example of something I do after installing a server is that I install monit on every system I manage… it’s great at keeping track of daemons, resources, and the like.

Back to your question – in summary, no, you didn’t miss anything. And you shouldn’t have to change much, if anything, after Virtualmin and Cloudmin are installed.

The question you may want to ask folks, just for fun, is “after performing a Virtualmin install, what tweaks do you make to the system afterwards?”

You may get some interesting answers! I’d enjoy hearing them myself :slight_smile: